Our History

Director Cindy Kamler, a wildlife rehabilitator since 1986, moved to the Eastern Sierra in 1995. There was no wildlife rehabilitation activity in the area and she soon received requests to help needy animals. In the ensuing years, the organization has grown tremendously. At the end of 2008, over 4,000 wild birds, mammals and reptiles had been helped by Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care.

As numbers increased, Kamler applied for and received a permit from California Department of Fish and Game. Later, she received her Migratory Bird Permit from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. She recruited and trained other volunteers. [To learn about volunteering, click on Volunteer Opportunities above.] The number of wild animals requiring care grew and Cindy needed help. She formed Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care, a non-profit corporation in the State of California with both federal and state tax-exempt status.

Financial support for Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care comes primarily from our local communities. Individual contributors include people who rescue animals and bring them to ESWC as well as other residents who support our rehabilitation efforts. Visitors to the Eastern Sierra also contribute to our work. Other funds come from community groups, organizations, and businesses.

Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care has received support from the Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund, California Department of Fish and Game, since 2000. These limited funds help pay for food, medicine, and supplies.

Each year, more animals are rescued and brought to Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care. We need to buy more food, medicines, and housing—and that means more money. Please help ESWC by making a donation today.

Rescued Animal: