Web addresses for some facilities in California are listed below.

Some Rehabilitation Facilities, California:
Pacific Wildlife Project, Irvine and Laguna Miguel
Alexander Lindsay Museum, Walnut Creek
WildCare, Marin County
Project Wildlife, greater San Diego area
WildHaven, Lake Arrowhead
Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care
Wildlife Rescue, Palo Alto

Wildlife Rehabilitation Associations:
NWRA (National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association)
IWRC (International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council)
California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators Orphan Match - If you have an orphan singlet that needs company or have a surrogate to help raise orphans, please post your listing on our brand new Orphan Match page. We have also added a new Volunteer Opportunities section for those seeking volunteers (as we all always are!) and for people seeking wildlife rehabilitation volunteer positions.

Other Local Organizations of Interest:
Eastern Sierra
Audubon Society

Bishop Community Garden
The Bear Whisperer
Eastern Sierra Land Trust
Friends of the Inyo
The Owens Valley Committee

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