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Springtime Stories

One morning in baby bird season, the wind gusts at Keough's Hot Springs. Two young
Lesser Goldfinches are rescued from the grassy lawn, two hours apart and brought to
ESWC. Once warm and full of formula, they snuggle happily together; most likely the
wind pushed both from the same nest. Next morning, the two Goldfinches call hungrily
for food. An adult Goldfinch flies up and clings to the window screen, just inches from
the two babies! It's probably their mother. We put their cage outside on the table near a

Coyote Release

It was a long drive and coyotes tend to get car sickness. He was a little confused at first, but after a few good sniffs of the vegetation, he moved away, peeking at us briefly from cover, then disappearing into the brush.

Great Gray Owl

"Little Moga" arrived safely at UC Davis at 10:40 this morning. I will update everyone as I hear from the vets at UCD.
Janice Pfeiff, DVM

I First Met Art Just About 10 Years Ago

Dear Friends:

Art Lillund died during the early hours of today, March 30, 2014, at the Bishop Care Center. He is free at last of the ravages of wide-spread cancer.


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