eastern sierra


Nestling Black-chinned Hummingbirds arrive at ESWC
Western Screech Owl soon to be released.

At Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care’s hospital, most wild birds and mammals arrive with injuries from a wide variety of causes—fractured wings and legs from vehicle hits, head injuries from impacts with cars or windows, lacerations from cats and dogs and fishhooks. Baby animals fall from nests or are dug up by dogs, separated from their moms or moms are killed. We examine and diagnosis their problems. Some can be helped, some cannot. And sometimes, miracles happen.


"There's a Golden Eagle on the ground here and it won't fly away," was the emergency message received at Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care's Center just past noon on Sunday, November 20. A hunter had spotted the eagle near a canal not far from Collins Road. Jeremy Dixon, ESWC wildlife tech, was soon on the way. In the meantime, tech Kelly Bahr and director Cindy Kamler readied a heated cage, medications, and fluids.

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